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How to install Special Force Online PH using manual patchers

If you have the latest game client, sometimes you will only need the latest patch. As I have said before there are times the game publishers forgot to update their latest game client thus I call “the-not-so-latest-full-game-client”. You have to go to the procedure of cumulative patching like in Audition Dance Battle installation procedures.

I will not discuss cumulative patch here in SF, since they tend to have good auto-patching and manual patching, sooner or later SF will experience cumulative manual patching if their servers can’t handle the load if lot’s of gamer pinoys connect to the server for auto-patching.

So we will go on with manual patching.

Again, go to Special Force Online PH Game Download Section

Download Manual Patch.

This is approximately 4.2mb file, so it won’t take that long.

Run the file, Browse your Special Force Online PH game directory folder, then click Patch!

Launch the game, Login your username and password and wait for the Game Guard to finish updating.

Remember, if you have Game Guard problems, just delete the game guard folder and let it update again.


Remember, to keep a copy of your installers and patchers so you won’t have to download the game all over again. Visit my blog for more guides and more pinoy gaming infos.

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62 Responses to “How to install Special Force Online PH using manual patchers”

  1. joushua says:

    paano mag download ng sf manual patch 1120 reply

  2. dark19 says:

    bk8 ganun hnd nman ng full pacth 2, wla ba auto pacth jan

  3. rienniel says:

    nabuksan ko na ganun lang pala salamat kay christian

  4. roland says:

    boss pa2long naman po ayaw po kasing gumana ng sf sa pc ko laging lumalabas ung (can not run multiple instans of soldier front2)boss pa2long naman po kung pano dapat gawin tnkz. . . . . .

  5. rafz14 says:

    bkt puro CKI read failed 999999999
    ung lumalabasplagi then nawawala ung connection q ng net n SUN broadband kpg irurun q n ung Sf

  6. dachi says:

    sir how can i download sf manual patch 1120 thank’s please reply

  7. dachi says:

    i hope you answer my question ty ^^

  8. xrhaine says:

    boss laging error after ko idl ung sf Fail to Global.cki download (ERROR URINOTFOUND)

  9. byron adriano says:

    how to use manual patch

  10. salmat pre xD sana gumana to kung hindi sapakan tayu ok bah? ehehhehehe xD

  11. jaycee says:

    panu ung error urinotfound ganun nangyayari sa sf ko ngaun please help me

  12. galileo says:

    doesnt work for me. i run the program. installed the patch. the program run until it updates then nothing happens. im using i3 2.53 Ghz 512MB nvidia 310M with cuda. 4gb ddr3 ram

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