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No School – The Sims 2 PC Cheats

Are your sim children and teens sick of going to school? Do you want more time than just the week days and holiday? Check out this cheat and make your children stay at home forever.

1) Pull up the cheat window
2) Type in ….. boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
3) Shift click on any Sim
4) Go to ‘Spawn…’, then find ‘scenario check’
5) You should see a bright yellow box appear near your sim
6) Swap to the child who no longer shall go to school
7) Click on the box
8) Choose ‘Add me to Private School’
9) Once this is done, no more school!

Tip: The school panel might not change straight away, so go to needs panel and back.

Voila! No more school!

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  1. singuin says:

    ummmm i triend that and it didnt work


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